Nexus x – Release Date

Nexus 6 will be called Nexus X. Nexus x release date will be on October 2014 according to the statements of the head of Google Android, Sundar Pichai. Experts said operating system have revealed six characteristics that will incorporate the next Google nexus smartphone.

nexus x release date

Nexus x

According to recent statements by the head of Google Android, Sundar Pichai, the Nexus X release date and is scheduled to be placed on the market for the month of October 2014 Thus, the tech giant keeps the refresh cycle on their devices if we consider the Nexus 4 Pichai made ​​clear during the MWC 2014 (Mobile World Congress) in February of the next Nexus will not appear until the second half, so quieting speculation suggesting its launch in June or July. While Google executive is silent with regard to the specifications of Nexus X Android experts seem to have clear six characteristics of this new Smartphone.

Nexus X Specs

According to foreign media reports, a few days ago a man named EMT Leaks Twitter users on the Internet for the first time exposure of the Google generation smartphone Nexus pictures, It is similar in appearance to the new Motorola Moto X, the final listing will be called “Nexus X .

nexus x

Nexus X or will be available in October 2014 (images from Tencent)

EMT Leaks leaked pictures show, Nexus X design with the latest release of the new Moto X is similar, including the fuselage upper and lower pairs of speakers, and so on.  However, due to the aircraft is equipped with Android L system version, so the phone’s wallpaper and home screen, such as design, but also reflects a new generation of Nexus series usual style and features.

Meanwhile EMT Leaks also confirmed that part of the configuration of the aircraft, said the Nexus X will use 5.2 inches with a resolution of 2560 × 1440 pixel touch screen, equipped with a frequency of 2.7GHz Qualcomm Xiaolong 805 quad-core processor with 3GB of memory , and 32GB, 64GB storage fuselage, built 12 million-pixel main camera, optical image stabilization function, and loaded with 2 million pixel front camera, full support for LTE 4G network.  In addition, it comes with 3000 mA battery, the phone’s size, compared with 140.7 × 72.3 × 10.1mm, weight 147 g.

As of now, Google does not publish news about the Nexus X, but a French electricity supplier was leaked ahead Nexus X have both 32GB and 64GB capacity versions of the price.  Where the 32GB version priced at € 419.99 (about 3320 yuan), while the 64GB version was 449.99 euros (about 3560 yuan).

According to earlier news that Google Nexus X, this phone will not publicly released, but will choose to direct the market, the exact time is around October or November.

Nexus X Specs

In recent months we have heard countless rumors about the next smartphone from Google, which could be named Nexus X. And, although it has not yet taken place its official launch, yes we can provide some information about the new Nexus x specs. And, as we read in TK Tech News, the French retailer Fnac has accidentally posted on its online store benefits the new Nexus x model, erasing the next minute. But that small time it has been online has been sufficient for us to know some details.

The benefits and nexus x specs that we find (provided confirming what we’ve seen) are quite powerful, with 805 Snapdragon processor, 13 MP camera and HD screen of 5.2 inches. The new terminal will be released in two versions, a 32 GB internal storage and another with 64 It seems that this time Motorola, the manufacturer is responsible for this model, has decided to dispense with the 16GB version, which for most users and it falls a bit short.

As for the operating system, as expected, the Nexus X will be one of the first to use version 5.0 of Android, we have hitherto popularly known as Android L. However, in the screenshot of the launch of the Fnac we can see how to refer to this version as Android Lemon Meringue, so we have not only discovered the new Nexus model but also the name of the next version of Google’s operating system. Still have to wait a few weeks to see what is confirmed and what not, but finally seems to talk about rumors with a little foundation.

More Nexus X Specs and Nexus X price

LG is the manufacturer default of Nexus X The North Korean company who manufactured Nexus Nexus 4 and 5 with optimal results. Although it is rumored that Lenovo and Motorola could also be to design the terminal, the only company that has submitted based models for the next Nexus has been LG.


As for the display attributes, the Nexus X sport a 2K resolution screen that is further amplified with Quad HD rendering.


It has a quad-core Snapdragon chip 800 Adreno graphics engine and 64-bit. Your RAM is 4GB.


Bigger better for Nexus X as optical image stabilization, a larger lens or faster shot are expected.


Each time a new Nexus is released by Google, the package comes with the latest Android candy. Rumour has it that the Nexus X introduce either Android 4.5 or 5.0, Lollipop, Lion Bar or Key Lime Pie.

Nexus X Price

While some users suggest that Google would be forced to sell the Nexus X for a higher price, Android watchers are firmly convinced that the Nexus X does not exceed the threshold of $ 400 for the 16GB model also comes LTE access.